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Address: Tashkent city,Yunusabad district, str., Amir Temur 107A, indeks 100084
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Rakhimov Abdufatikh Khamidovich

JSC "Uzbekexpertiza"

Address: Tashkent, Mirabad district, str. Parkentskaya, 51, 100007 

Telephone: (+99871) 238 5357

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Acting Chairman of the Board

Davronov Rakhim Gayratovich


Brief information

about the basic functions, goals and objectives of

“Uzbekexpertiza” JSC

The main function of "Uzbekexpertiza" is to provide
the following services:

  • Expertise to determine the country of origin and issuance
    of certificates of origin;
  • Expertise to determine the property imported by enterprises
    with foreign investments for their own production needs;
  • Issuance conclusions on referring imported technological equipment and spare parts as well as components and raw materials to the categories used in the production process of localized products.
  • Issuance of certificates of conformity for food and agricultural products, for products of light, chemical industry, production of construction industry;
  • Issuance of expert conclusions on the classification of goods
    in accordance with FEACN (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature) codes;
  • Testing food and agricultural products, chemical products, products
    of light industry and the production of construction industry according
    to the requirements of regulatory documents;
  • Pre-shipment inspection of imported goods and the examination
    of the quantity and quality of food products, consumer goods, raw materials and equipment, the issuance of acts of examinations, consultations
    and expert opinions;
  • Consulting services and marketing research.


In accordance with the development Concept of "Uzbekexpertiza" JSC for 2016-2022 years, the Company identified the following goals and objectives:

  1. Promotion of participation of small and private businesses in foreign trade activities of the Republic through the provision of free consultancy services on the examination and certification.
  2. Enforcement of the planned volume of services in accordance with the Company's business plan.
  3. Involvement of strategic foreign investors to the Company;
  4. The steady improvement of efficiency in production services provided by the Company by improving management systems, increased productivity, consistent reduction of production expenses and their cost.
  5. Implementation of the modernization and technical re-equipment
    of production, to expand the training of highly qualified personnel of the Company.
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JSC "O'rta Osiyo Trans"

Address: Tashkent city, Kumarik block, str., S.Olimova 24, indeks 100160 
Telephone: (+998 71) 215 9942
Fax: (+998 71) 215 9667

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Head of the enterprise:

Acting Chairman of the Board

Islamov bohodir Boburbekovich


Main activities of the Company:

• organization and implementation of export-import and transit transportations by any means of transport, including intermodal transport;
• organization and implementation of all types of freight forwarding services;
• organization and provision of services for maintenance, repair and servicing of vehicles.

Structure of the Company, heads of subdivisions.

• Management of the Company
Chairman of the Board-Akramov BA,
Director for Finance and Prospective Development - Rahmatullaev U.H.
Director for Production-Kasymov Zh.A.
• Corporate relations department with shareholders (Saidova S.Kh.-head of department);
• Accounting Department (VA Secreutov-Chief Accountant);
• Department of strategic business development planning (Y. O. Yagafarova-head of department);
• Department of Logistics and Freight Forwarding (Islamov FF);
• Production coordination department;
• Service for personnel management (Tohirova M.);
• legal service (NA Sandibaev-head of the legal service);
The company has 2 enterprises in the form of a limited liability company:
OOO O'rta Osiyo Trans CTL Vakkasov Sh.K.-director;
OOO O'rta Osiyo Trans Servis Samatov RG-Director.


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Address: Tashkent, Yunusabad district, str. Amir Temur, 107
+998 71 238 54 54
(+998 71) 238 54 04


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Head of the enterprise:

Chairman of the Board

Kadirov Doniyor Sadikovich



«Uztadbirkorexport» Joint-Stock Company is a commercial organization established within the structure of the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The key task of «Uztadbirkorexport» JSC is the expansion of the country's export potential through a comprehensive support of entrepreneurs engaged in export activities, while enhancing competitiveness and developing business environment as a whole.

Today, the operations of the company «Uztadbirkorexport» JSC is in the implementation of operations in the following areas:

  export products of small and private enterprises, textile (cotton and blended yarn, cotton fabric, finished Terry products, finished sewing and knitting products, etc.), electrical and cable products, building materials, household chemicals, etc.;

  Export of commodities, wheat, copper and products of its processing, rare earth and precious metals, etc.;

  providing marketing and consulting services, and development of effective schemes of financing of export transactions;

  organize high-tech and modern equipment imports ;

  planned and systematic support to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, in particular for participation in international exhibitions and fairs.

The company's annual turnover amounts to more than 1 billion. US dollars. Nomenclature of exports amounts to more than 100 kinds of domestic products which are exported to more than 30 countries around the world. In addition, «Uztadbirkorexport» JSC established reliable and long-term partnership with more than 70 companies around the world.

«Uztadbirkorexport» JSC interested in developing new areas of cooperation with the use of modern methods and business principles and is ready to consider your suggestions and discuss the issues of mutually beneficial cooperation.

We maintain close ties with manufacturers of export products, we are constantly working on investment and the development of agriculture.

The work of «Uztadbirkorexport» JSC is based on the principles of mutual respect, transparency and sustainable development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

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JSC “Uzsanoateksport”

Address: Tashkent, Yunusabad district, str. Amir Temur, 107
Telephone: +998 71 238 54 54
Fax: (+998 71) 238 54 04

Web site:

Head of the enterprise:

Chairman of the Board
Oybek Alibekovich Mirzabekov

Company brief information

JSC «Uzsanoatexport» was established according to the decree No. 2463 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 31 December 2015 regarding «the measures to further optimize the structure and improve the efficiency of Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan». The company was formed by the reorganization of JSC «Markazsanoateksport» and JSC «Uzprommashimpeks». It is specialized in exporting the chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and construction materials.

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