.. «Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo
Dear Sir/Madam, We are glad to inform you that the XII International Specialized Exhibition-Fair of modern technologies and equipment for agriculture “Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo” will be held in 30 May – 02 June 2017 in Tashkent in the central pavilion of the national exhibition company “Uzexpocentre”. As you know, Uzbekistan possesses an enormous potential for production of different kinds of agricultural products, especially horticultural products which possess a high quality taste and export opportunities. In order to develop this area actively our farmers are interested in attracting advanced experiences and technological equipment.  
.. Conception of “Event Expo-2017” the I-st specialized exhibition of events
1.Name of exhibition: «Event Expo-2017» the I-st specialized exhibition of events involving in the following clusters: «Rest & Entertainment», «Fashion Expo», «Wedding Expo», «Mass Media & Advertising Expo», «Tashkent Flora Expo». “Event Expo” is the first exhibition of actual trends and novelties for professionals and start-uppers of event-industry. 2.Organizer: “Uzexpocentre” JSS NEC 3.Date: April 5-7, 2017; 4.Venue: “Uzexpocentre” JSS NEC, exhibition halls №№ 1, 2, Conference hall, Atrium and Japanese garden 5. Frequency: annually
.. “UzTrade” Foreign Trade E-marketplace: upgrading capacities of export promotion in Uzbekistan
  With the aim of stimulating export activities Government of Uzbekistan has created a comprehensive system of benefits and preferences, significantly simplified foreign trade procedures, established trade support institutions to provide assistance to enterprises in export promotion.   However, experience of many successful developing countries shows that aggressive introduction and development of advanced e-commerce features has become a major factor in further development of foreign trade and wide involvement of small businesses into export activities.
.. IX Xalqaro sanoat yarmarkasi va Kooperatsiya birjasi
O’zbekiston Respublikasi Vazirlar Mahkamasining 2015 yil 13 martdagi “2015 yilda Xalqaro sanoat yarmarkasi va Kooperatsiya birjasini tashkil etish va o’tkazish chora tadbirlari to’g’risida”gi 59-sonli qaroriga muvofiq joriy yilning 26 oktabr- 2 noyabr kunlari “O’zekspomarkaz” AJMKK ko’rgazma maydonlarida navbatdagi IX Xalqaro sanoat yarmarkasi va Kooperatsiya birjasi (XSYKB) bo’lib o’tadi.