Attention to companies executives and organizations! Announces tender for the supply of socially important medicines and medical products.

The tender is open to native wholesale and wholesale-retail companies fulfilled the conditions imposed for participation in the tender, having the license for pharmaceutical activity and experience of supplying respective volumes purchased by tender of medicines and medical products.
1. Name and address of the interdepartmental working body of the tender commission:
"Uzbekekspertiza" JSC under the MFERIT of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The Republic of Uzbekistan, 100007 Tashkent, 51, Parkent st.
Phone: (998 71) 268-05-84, 230-23-64, fax: (998 71) 140-09-20,
E- mail:,, website:
2. Subject of the tender: The tender №3 «Supply of medicines and medical products". 
3. Terms of payment and the highest prices for the purchasing of goods are included in the information on tenders and tender documents.
4. Delivery conditions (according to Incoterms 2010): CIP Tashkent.
5. Delivery time: in the information on tenders and tender documentation.
6. The qualifying select of candidates will be held before tender starts by tender commission.
7. The cost of the tender documents is 5 times the minimum wage established in Uzbekistan.
8. The deadline for acceptance of tender requests is April 28, 2017 to 15:00 Tashkent time.
9. For additional information on the conditions of the tenders please contact the "Uzbekekspertiza" JSC on the above details.