President Mirzioyoyev went to a new community centre

Print 28.03.2017 y. | 12:35 President Mirzioyoyev went to a new community centre
 President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the mahalla named after Uvaysiy in Yunosobod district, reviewed the favourable conditions, created here for workers of the citizen's assembly, a prevention inspector and residents. 

 Mahalla citizens' assemblies have taken a solid place in the life of our society as a genuine method of people's self-government. They play an important role in implementing the tasks on ensuring a dialogue with people and human interests. 

 The state is creating necessary legal foundations and material-technical base so that the citizens’ self-governing bodies could effectively execute their functions. A new centre of the Uvaysiy mahalla is a vivid demonstration of this. 

 The mahalla predominantly contains multi-story residential apartment houses, where over 5400 people of different ethnicities live. New mahalla (community) centre helps people's rapprochement, further strengthening the atmosphere of friendship, harmony, kindness and mutual understanding. 

 The centre has separate rooms for a chairperson, a secretary, counsellors of the citizens' assembly and a prevention inspector. All rooms are equipped with modern ICT tools, furniture and corresponding literature. The room of the prevention inspector is equipped with a display to monitor the territory of the mahalla through a videolink. 

 The Head of our state underlined that a prevention inspector should closely liaise with every family in the mahalla, firmly control the situation in public places. 

 The instructions on providing prevention inspectors with service housing, cars on preferential loans, creating all necessary conditions for their life and effective work were given during the visit. 

 The centre has a library with computers, access to internet, electronic books, which helps organize meaningful recreation of the population, increasing the reading culture among the youth. Cosy chayhana, bakery, beauty salons, shops, sports and children’s playgrounds help not only ensure daily needs of residents, but also strengthen stable spiritual situation in the mahalla. 

 The active members of the mahalla, a prevention inspector should be knowledgeable about the state, successes and problems of each family, propagate the idea of unity and harmony. Only then people will start coming the citizens’ assembly, share their opinions, proposals, talk about the issues of concern, resolve them.

 The President of Uzbekistan gave instructions on construction of such community centres in all regions, establishing a permanent dialogue with people, creating necessary conditions and opportunities for effective activity of prevention inspectors on crime prevention, ensuring tranquillity and safety of citizens, efficient work with juveniles.