In compliance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 25.12.2015 №ПП-2458 "On Investment program of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2016" during current year, it foresees the development of foreign investments and credits under the Targeted program, which implements 154 large and priority investment projects, which exceeded $ 4 billion.
According to the Address part of the investment program foresees the implementation of large and strategically important projects with the use of new high-tech production in the petroleum, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical sectors, including the improvement of drinking water quality and land conditions, health, education and road construction.
By the results of the first quarter of 2016, the targeted figures of implementation for the development of foreign investments and credits within 154 projects in the framework of the Address part of the State Investment program accounts for 100,5%.
In the reporting period, the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations Investment and Trade permanently accomplish State monitoring of the timely implementation of investment projects.
The main part of the mastered foreign investments accounts for the oil and gas industry (27,3%), communication and information technology (12,6%), energy sector (10,6%), transport (9,6%), the improvement of road infrastructure (7,9%), credit financing to small business (7,8%), light industry (5,2%) and others.
In the reporting period as a part of the Investment program, foreign investments were attracted to national economy from over 10 foreign countries, including China, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, UK, Malaysia, etc.

Following the results of January-September of 2016 year, 835 new entities are involved in export activities. Export of 246 new types of goods are carried out. At the same time, the geography of export of domestic production is expanded on 52 new markets. 
At the same time, with assistance of the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade and Chamber of Commerce and Industry, domestic enterprises, including subjects of small business, participated in 71 international exhibitions and fairs abroad.

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